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This webinar focused on how families can manage and complete each step of the admissions process using a personalized online portal. The Admission Portal allows families to upload files, pay application fees, schedule visits, complete web forms, send recommendation requests, and more. Watch the video here.

Axiom provides many interesting and helpful possibilities for keeping up to date on your Admissions data. This session provides "how to" steps for building a number of queries and reports pertaining to inquiries, visits, applications, and overall enrollment numbers. 

Evaluating and reviewing your applicants happens continually throughout the school year. Watch this webinar recording to learn about the tools that are currently available in Veracross to manage this important task.  

The new Veracross communication features have a lot to offer your Admissions Department. UseChannels, Themes, and Templates to increase the effectiveness of your communication with prospects, applicants, and their families. This webinar will train you to effectively use the new communication features to further your communication goals. 

This session provides a foundation for configuring and using the Veracross Financial Aid module. Watch this video to learn more about initial configuration, the FA Application process, importing SSS data, finalizing aid amounts, and more

 The Veracross Financial Aid module is your ticket to successfully managing your financial aid applications, checklists, aid amounts, and personalized financial aid letters. View this recording to give you an overview of the module and its features including the integration between the FinancialAid module and Veracross Online (Re)Enrollment.

With Re-Enrollment implementations typically come setting up the Household Profile Update and Policy Forms. This webinar recording will train you on how to set up and manage both HPU & Policy forms.

Enrollment management doesn't stop after the school year starts. This recording will teach you how to successfully withdraw and enroll students mid-year, manage attendance and grades for outgoing students, and handle user accounts after a family leaves.