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Berkshire Technology: Comic Strip Creators

Comic Strip Creators


Specialized Editions

Storyboard for film, blog, and comics

Individual Edition

Best Option for Creating Storyboards for Small Projects.


Great For:

  • Comics
  • School Projects
  • Blog Content & Infographics

Free Edition Available

You can create two storyboards per week for free, or upgrade any time for more advanced features. (Learn More)


Storyboard Creator

At the heart of Storyboard That is our incredibly powerful, yet easy to use storyboard creator


Extensive Image Library

Choosing the right images makes a storyboard pop and come together!

  • Posable Characters and Scenes from Antiquity to the Space Age
  • Customizable Smart Scenes
  • Millions of Creative Commons Photos or Upload Your Own

Flexible Layouts

Every story is unique and choosing the right layout goes a long way.

  • Optional Title and Descriptions
  • 7 Layout Choices: Classic, T-Chart, Grid, Frayer Model, Spider Map, 16x9 Movie Layout, & Timeline
  • Up to 100 Cells per Storyboard

Intuitive and Simple

Storyboard That was designed to be used by anyone even if you are not a professional artists.

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • No Software to Download
  • Create Your First Storyboard in Minutes

And More

Storyboard That empowers you to get the most out of your storyboards once created


Safe, Secure, and Private

Protecting your work and intellectual property is very important to us.

iPad & Android Friendly

As an HTML 5 website, Storyboard That can be accessed on a computer or tablet device.

  • Login from either a computer or a tablet
  • Storyboard Creator automatically adapts to your device
  • No Flash required

Powerful Export

After your storyboard is created easily export it to high resolution storyboard cells, PDF or PowerPoint File.

  • Add a storyboard into a larger presentation
  • Upload to your blog, wiki or email
  • Create classroom posters

Presentation Ready

Quickly turn any storyboard into a presentation to receive immediate feedback!

  • One Click Live Slide Shows
  • Export to PowerPoint (Keynote, and Google Slides compatible)
  • Create a new presentation just as easily after edits