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College Writing: Really-Get-You-Thinking-Questions

This guide was created to help you learn the steps to successful academic research.


What Makes a Good
Really-Get-You-Thinking Question?


Effective driving questions share a number of qualities, regardless of the topic. Why are these qualities important to a question’s strength to drive a project?


Driving Question
                                                                                                      Source: Department of Education Y4Y

Typical Question vs. Really-Get-You-Thinking Question

Typical Questions vs.
Really-Get-You-Thinking Questions

Typical Question: What are the basic tenets of democracy?
Really-Get-You-Thinking Questions: Who has authority over me? Who really has any authority?
Typical Question: What are the core values of democracy?
Really-Get-You-Thinking Questions: Do the people serve the government or does the government serve the people? In what ways do restrictive laws allow us to have freedom?
Typical Question: What were the causes of the Civil War?
Really-Get-You-Thinking Questions: Is anything worth fighting for?
Typical Question: What is microgravity?
Really-Get-You-Thinking Questions: What would you like about being weightless? What opportunities would it afford? Is being weightless in space an “altered” state? Where would you rather live: in a world that is unpredictable or predictable? What might be challenging?
Typical Question: What are the factors that influence solubility?
Really-Get-You-Thinking Questions: What is the difference between magic or mystery and science?
Typical Question: What is the significance of cell specialization?
Really-Get-You-Thinking Questions: When is being different an advantage? What differences between you and your siblings or cousins are significant?
Typical Question: Who were the most important leaders in the ancient world?
Really-Get-You-Thinking QuestionsWhat makes someone worth remembering?