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Environmental Science: Welcome

How to Use This Guide

Welcome to the Environmental Science Research Guide. This guide has been created especially for you to help you conduct research for your assignments. Click on each tab to find information, tutorials, and even sample papers to give you an idea of how your finished work should look. 

Waves pounding the coast and causing erosion at Kilnsea, England

Drought And Climate Change Threaten Colorado River Basin

Dumpster for aluminum cans at Ollerton recycling plant, England

Nature Reserve on site of former gravel pit

Bale of old aluminum cans at a metal recycling center

Trinity Organic Farm, Nottinghamshire, England

Oil Pipeline Spill Contaminates Waters In Salt Lake City

India Has Growing Problem Of Electronic Waste

Atmospheric scientists remove an ice core taken from the Antarctic Peninsula.
All images: Britannica ImageQuest

Glacier Calves