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Summer Reading 2018: Summer Reading Passport

Did you know that if you read 20 minutes each day, in one year you'll have read close to 4,000,000 (four million) words! Not only is that good for your brain, it's also good for your well-being. Take the Summer Reading Passport challenge and start on the path to being a life-long reader. 

Summer Passport Prizes

Ice Cream Social for Everyone

Raffle Prizes

Shawn's Gift Card

A Home-Cooked Meal for you and a few friends - Yum!

Kindle Paperwhite and 
$50 Amazon Gift Card


What is the Summer Reading Passport Challenge?
The Summer Reading Passport is our challenge to you to keep track of the books you read over the summer and be rewarded for your efforts. 

How many books do I have to read? 
Read two, four, or six books, depending on the level you want to reach.

Do my required reading books count?
The All-School Read and Form Requirement don't count, but if you are taking AP courses, you may use one of those required books for any category. 

How do I decide what to read? 
Choose books from the twenty different categories on the next page, or any from the 'Faculty/Staff Recommendation' page.

What if I don't like any of the books listed for each category?
The books listed for each category are only examples - feel free to choose any book that interests you. Click on the other tabs for 
more recommendations or, better yet, visit your local bookstore; they always have lots of great books.

What if I can't figure out where a book fits?
Probably any book you read will fit into one of the categories listed. Do your best to match them, but don't worry about it too much. The most important thing is to have fun reading this summer.

What are the rewards?
For everyone who participates, there will be an ice cream social at the start of school. From there, you can earn raffle tickets for prizes that include Shawn's Cards, a home-cooked, gourmet meal for you and a few friends, or a Kindle Paperwhite with a $50 Amazon gift card. 

How can I earn raffle tickets?
You earn a raffle ticket for every book you read. So, if you reach the Black Rock level you earn two raffle tickets, for reaching the South Pinnacle level you earn four, and so on. You can earn another raffle ticket by doing a video review for any or all of the books you read. 

Where is the passport?
There is a link to the passport entry form under the Summer Reading Passport tab above. Simply fill out the form and submit for each book you read. At the start of school, we'll make sure you receive an invitation to the ice cream social and a raffle ticket for each submission you make. 

Prizes will be awarded at the start of school. 

   Black Rock

  • Read two books
  • Earn an ice cream social
  • Earn two raffle tickets

   South Pinnacle   

  • Read four books
  • Earn an ice cream social
  • Earn four raffle tickets

Mount Everett      

  • Read six books
  • Earn an ice cream social
  • Earn six raffle tickets