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Tips and Tools from the Geier Library: Nearpod | Interactive Presentations


Nearpod is a great tool that allows you to create interactive lessons that contain images, quizzes, links to websites, embedded videos, slideshows, and polls among other features. You control the advancement of the slides when presenting in a classroom, but you can also assign the lesson as homework by giving a link to the Nearpod Presentation. 

What's especially nice is that you can upload your current Powerpoint files and create interactive elements.

There is also a Chrome add-on that allows you to import any Google Presentation. 

This platform is great for organizing a lesson where you want to include instruction as well as assessment. When working with students, we know how hard it is to monitor their attention when their computers are open. With this platform, you control when the slide advances and are able to share answers in real time which adds tremendously to user engagement. The lessons can be as simple or detailed as you wish and because it is device agnostic, they can be accessed from PC and Mac computers, phones and tablets. Students register by entering a pin and submitting their name. Answers you share with the class are anonymous, but answers are collected in a report that you can have emailed to you at the end of the presentation.