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Tips and Tools from the Geier Library: Skitch for Annotation

Skitch Annotation Tool

Skitch can be used with all devices

  • With this easy-to-use and intuitive tool, you can upload an image and quickly annotate it with text, shapes and icons.
  • I really like this tool since it allows you to easily annotate images and draw attention to areas and features on images you can then use in tutorials or upload to your Veracross class page to clarify instructions. 
  • It is simple to use and employs a flat icon design sensibility that fits with current design models. It also allows you to export quickly. You can also take a screen shot from within the tool. 
  • I added these quick annotations in under one minute. It is integrated with Evernote for you Evernote users.


Skitch for Mac

Skitch for Windows