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E-books and Audiobooks: How to Access and Download

ProQuest Ebooks

ProQuest Ebook Central:  Over 1,000,000 university and academic press books on all subjects. You can read the entire book, print and download section, annotate, and save to your personal library.

Ebooks and Audiobooks

Geier Library provides access to two different large library collections for e-books and audiobooks. Both come through an app called OverDrive which you can download to your laptop and phone.



Open the page here. Use the pull down menu to select “Berkshire School” and click on the line “Berkshire School users, please click here to sign into this system.Then use your Berkshire School Google ID to login.  Use the help menu to find out how to load the app to your phone. If you use the app on your phone you’ll need to make an adjustment in your settings as described below.           



Audible Books for Kids

        Audible Stories

For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Download Drivers to Your Device

You have the choice of two different apps for your phone to use these digital collections. Sora   is school friendly app that’s simple to use and the basic OverDriveapp.


In order to use Google authentication through the OverDrive app on your mobile device, you'll need to enable a new setting. (This doesn't apply to Sora.) The minimum app versions and instructions for each platform are:

  • Android    - OverDrive v3.7.4
  1. Go to Home menu > Settings.
  2. Enable the option "Sign in using web browser."

When this setting is turned on, users with newer versions of Chrome display the sign-in page in-app, while others (with old versions of Chrome or a different browser altogether) will be kicked out into their (external) web browser to sign in.



  • iOS  - OverDrive v3.7.5
  1. Go to Home menu > Settings.
  2. Enable the option "Sign in using with Safari."


When this setting is turned on, iOS 11 users will be prompted then the sign-in page will slide up, and iOS 10 (and older) users will be kicked out into their (external) Safari browser for sign in and then brought back into the app.



If you search for "Berkshire" in Sora, you should find it as a part of the MLS Commonwealth E-book Collection.