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Ms. Lyon | Modern World: Asia Stories Post WWII Project: Recommended Resources

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Possible Search Term Combinations

Possible Search Terms


ProQuest eBooks

Analysis - Academic Databases

Locating Primary Sources

  • Type in your topic in Google and add the phrase "and primary source" to locate contemporaneous accounts of your topic.
  • Some of the databases have a "primary sources" section that you can review.
  • Remember quotes from letters and documents in the text of secondary sources are primary sources. 
  • See Mrs. Tuleja for additional help with locating primary source materials.

Possible Search Terms by Topic

1. Myanmar coup and Aung San Suu Kyi in 2021

Search Terms: "Myanmar Coup" and "Aung Suu Kyi" (be sure to focus on 2021)
Strategy: There are several ebooks on the topic in ProQuest Ebook Central
Strategy: Use Biography in Context for information about "Aung Suu Kyi"


2. Tibet - what is its status within China and why can’t the Dalai Lama reside there?

Search Terms: China and Tibet or "Dalai Lama" and China and Tibet
Strategy: Use Biography in Context for "Dalai Lama" and World History in Context for historical context of Tibet and China relationship
Strategy: There are several ebooks on the topic in ProQuest Ebook Central


3 China’s Belt and Road initiative

Search Terms: "China's belt and Road Initiative"
Strategy: There are several eBooks on the topic in ProQuest Ebook Central


4. The Uighur minority group in China

Search Terms: (note: often spelled Uyghur): "Uyghur Oppression in China" or Uighur and China
Strategy: A good starting point for this topic is in Global Issues in Context using search term "Uyghur Oppression in China"
Strategy: There is a good ebook in the ProQuest EBook Central database. Use the search term "China's minorities"


5. Climate change as it affects Vietnam and Thailand

Search Terms: "Southeast Asia" and "Climate Change" or "Climate Change" and "Vietnam" and "Climate Change" and "Thailand" separately
Strategy: Use Google Scholar and ProQuest Central and ProQuest EBook Central and use "Climate Change in Southeast Asia." For the books look at Chapters in the books on Vietnam and Thailand.


6. Indira Gandhi (India) and Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)

Search Terms: "Indira Gandhi" and "Benazir Bhutto" or "Indo-Pakistani War 1971" or "The Third Indo-Pakistani War" or "Indo-Pakistani summits"
Strategy: Good book in ProQuest Ebook Central database - use the search term: "Third Indo-Pakistani War" to locate it. The title is India and Pakistan : Continued Conflict or Cooperation? Chapter 4.
Strategy: Good articles in ProQuest Central database and JSTOR database using "Indo-Pakistani Conflict"


7. Afghan women after the Taliban take-over in 2021

Search Terms: Women and Afghanistan and Taliban; you can add "gender apartheid" - limit publication to the Past Year
Strategy: Good articles in World History in Context limit to published in the past year.
Strategy: Use ProQuest Central database - limit to past year - LIMIT to Journal Articles and Magazines for deeper analysis


8. Impact of British partition of India

Search Terms: "Partition of India" or "Indian Independence Act 1947"
Strategy: Use Global Issues in Context database - search "India Gains Independence from Great Britain 1947"
Strategy: Use ProQuest EBook Central database and use THIS CHAPTER from Shameful Flight: The British Empire in India


9. International impact of Korean popular culture such as KPop and the show Squid Game

Search Terms: "Korean Pop Culture" and "United States" or "Global Impact" "Transnational Korea" and "United States" or "Korean Pop Culture" and "Squid Games" 
Strategy: Use ProQuest Central database to search for articles using "Korean Pop Culture" and United States" or KPop and United States or "Squid Games and United States" - look at Journal Articles and Magazine Articles - also try Google Scholar for articles

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