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Berkshire Technology: Student Printing

Student Printing

Berkshire School uses a service that allows students to print by emailing their documents to an email address and then retrieve their documents at certain printers located in certain locations of campus.

The printers are located in;

  • Geier Library

  • 2nd floor of Bellas Dixon

  • The Great Room of Berkshire Hall

To print you need to attach the documents that you want to print to an email addressed to;

  •   (For Color)

  •     (For Black and White)

Supported attachments: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, Picture Files.



**You can not print from Google Docs.  You need to download your document as a PDF and attach that file as an attachment.**


After you have emailed your documents;

  • Go to one of the three printers listed above

  • On the display Screen of the printer hit the button that says “Print Release”

  • Swipe your ID card to have your documents print.

  • Chose the document you want to be printed.‚Äč