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Berkshire Technology: Faculty & Staff FAQs

Classroom Projector FAQs

The sound issue happens when the computer goes into hibernation even for a few minutes. After waking the laptop up, it will not detect the “Epson PJ”  as a playback device.  These drivers are what is needed to have the sound go out of the projector through HDMI.  The only resolution is to restart your laptop, prepare for your class and do not let it go into hibernation (hibernation is done by letting your computer sit idle for a period of time).  This is a known issue with laptops and projectors and we are currently monitoring for a more successful resolution.

Technology is hard to keep up with.  The projectors even though they are fairly new, do not have the capability to project at the rate of the laptops.  To resolve the issue we will have to do the following,

  1. Meet you in your classroom, or at least a classroom that has the same projector model.

  2. When your laptop is connected to the projector we will need to adjust the resolution to the appropriate resolution 1920x1080.

  3. We will also have to set “custom scaling” to 175%

  4. Last, we will need to recalibrate your board.

The good news is that once this is set it will stick and when you disconnect from the projector your laptop will switch back to the original resolution.  It will now automatically adjust to the correct resolution every time you connect to the projector.

  1. Go to your classroom and turn the projector on.  (Don’t Connect your laptop yet)

  2. While the projector warms up, open your laptop and log in. (Still don’t connect your laptop yet)

  3. Once you are logged in NOW you can connect the dock connector to your laptop.

    1. But..Make sure the cable of the connector is facing down


  1. Wait 15-30 seconds. The laptop will probably make a couple of beeps while it connects and loads the necessary software and the projector finishes warming up.

  2. Your screen should be displayed on the projector and be ready to go!

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